STOC 2020 Goes Virtual!

Starting on Monday, STOC is joining the trend of conferences going online, I believe the biggest theory conference to do so thus far. Given my experience with TCS+, I volunteered to lend a hand with the organization and logistics. It’s been a journey (with some unusual technical challenges), but I think we have something which I hope will be engaging and generally a lot of fun. In addition to the typical academic component, we also have a social component planned as well. We learnt from the work of others, including the ACM virtual conferences guide, ICLR 2020, and WAGON. I may make some version of our logistics docs available to others after the conference, so others can learn from our experience as well. Anyway, read on for an announcement from me and the other General Chairs, Konstantin Makarychev, Yury Makarychev, and Madhur Tulsiani. See also the main STOC page for a more complete list of credits.

Dear fellow theorists,

As you already know, STOC 2020 this year will be a virtual conference. If you are interested in attending the conference, but haven’t registered yet, please do so soon (students: $25, regular: $50). This will help us ensure we have capacity for various online events. 

Upon registration, you should receive a confirmation email from CVENT, also containing access information for various conference events. Also, if you are a student looking to register for STOC but the cost is a burden, please email us at

How will the conference work?

  • Videos: The videos for all conference talks are now available on YouTube, and can be accessed through the links in the conference program. Registration is not required to view the talks on Youtube.
  • Slack: The conference has a Slack workspace, with one channel for every paper and workshop, and additional channels for information, announcements, social events, help, etc. The invitations for the Slack workspace will be sent to registered participants. Authors are also encouraged to monitor the channels for their papers. All access information for the conference will also be available here. The workspace is currently active, and will remain active for at least one week after the conference.
  • Zoom sessions: The conference will feature Zoom sessions with short presentations by the speakers. The total time for each paper is 10 minutes. Given that participants have access to the full talks by the speakers on Youtube, these can be thought of as being analogues of poster sessions. The workshops will also be held as separate sessions. The links for the Zoom session via information in the confirmation email.
  • Social events: The conference will include junior/senior “lunches”, breakout tables for impromptu and scheduled hangouts, and a group event using The timings for the events can be found in the conference program. Sign-up links for various events will be sent to all registered participants – please do sign-up soon!

See you all at (virtual) STOC 2020. Please do let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

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